Acratech Long Lens Head (Indexable Clamp)

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The new Acratech long lens tripod head is designed to solidly support super telephoto lenses such as 600 f4s and to provide ease of use, freedom of movement and weigh less than 1 lb. Although our Long Lens Head is designed primarily for long telephoto lenses our long lens head is available with an indexable clamp* that will allow the long lens head to be used with cameras that do not have a lens with a tripod collar. When the Long Lens Head is used with the camera body attached directly to the head most all camera positions are accessible. The Long lens head should not be considered as a replacement for a ballhead for general photography but it does allow the photographer who is primarily shooting long lenses, to not be required to carry a second tripod head into the field for occasional shorter lens shots.

  1. Will solidly support 600 f4.0 lenses
  2. Eliminates the need to carry a large, heavy gimbal head
  3. Provides easy, smooth balance for long lenses
  4. Weighs less than 1 lb (.45kg) with quick release clamp
  5. Large 18mm (.708”) bullseye level
  6. Fully adjustable tension control
  7. Precision C.N.C. machined
  8. Compatible with Kirk, Arca, and many other QR plates
  9. Beautiful satin black anodized finish
  10. Fits all standard tripods (1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads)
  11. Engraved degree markings
  12. Solid precision feel
  13. All knobs are secured so they cannot vibrate loose and fall off
  14. Available with an Indexable clamp that eliminates the need to carry a second tripod head for camera bodies without lens tripod collars
  15. *The Indexable clamp features a knob below the clamp which allows the clamp to rotate and lock into different positions verses the non-indexable clamp which actually does index, but will requires an Allen wrench (included) to do so.

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