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Manfrotto MBAG70N Tripod Bag Unpadded 70cm

Product no.: MBAG70N

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The MBAG70N is an unpadded tripod bag. Slightly tapered to provide a better fit for your tripod.Zip extends down the length of the bag, but also fully opens the top end of the bag. Logo end cap is padded to offer protection to the tripod head. Can be hand-carried horizontally by the side handle, vertically by the end handle (also useful for storage), or shoulder-carried using the included strap. Innovative design and style; ballistic nylon, zips and other materials used are of top quality. Length = 70cm Base Diameter 150mm Top Diameter: 130mm Weight: 0.3kg

  Bag Model: A: 120P - B: 100P - C: 90P - D: 80P or 80 - E: 70 - F: MBag D Airbag - G: 345
  056 160 222 229 322RC2 400 405 410 460MG 468MG 482 484/484RC2 486/486RC2 488/488RC0 488RC2/4 490/490RC4 804RC2 808RC4 128RC/128LP 390RC2 700RC2 701RC2 No Head
028B   B B B B B B B B B     C B B B B B B       C
055XDB/XB/MF4 D C D C D     D D     D D D D   D C D   D D D
055XPROB/MF3 D C D C D     D D     D D D D   D C D   D D D
058B   A A A A A A A D A       A A A A A         A
161MK2                                             A
190XB/XDB/MF4 E   E C D     D E     E E E         E E E E E
190XPROB E   E C D     D E     E E E     D   E E E E E
458B D C D C D     D E D   D D D     D   D D D D D
475B   B B B   B B B   B     A B B B B B   B     C
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