Gitzo GSFSM Monopod Spike with 30mm and 38mm rubber feet


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  • Model:GSFSM

The Gitzo GSFSM Short spike + rubber foot 30-38mm (1 spike + 30mm cap, 38 mm cap) is a tripod accessory designed to reliably support gear on softer terrain, like grass or mud. The rubber foot is attached to the short spike like a cap, and can be pulled off when it’s time to use the spike. The resistant rubber material is highly stable, even on slippery floors. The GSFSM is a 1-spike set with two rubber caps (30mm and 38mm in diameter at their widest part). The spike is made of high-quality stainless steel. The GSFSM Spike + Rubber Feet is compatible with all Gitzo tripods with 3/8” threaded legs. The GSFSM replaces the G1220.129B. Not Compatible with the GM2562T.