Acratech GXP-SS Traveler Ball Head Lever Lock


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  • Model:AC1287
A smaller version of our GXP Ball-Head, but it still has a robust 35 lb. (15.87kg) capacity, and the ability to function as a Ball-Head, gimbal head, and a panorama head. The GXP-SS has a shorter quick release clamp, and a smaller base diameter than the GXP. It is perfect for travel tripods. All Acratech Ball-Heads are designed to be lightweight and rugged for the active outdoor photographer. The open structure lets moisture, dirt and debris fall through instead of being trapped inside a socket. With locking lever quick release clamp. Camera quick release plates sold separately. Find your camera plate. Compact size is perfect for travel tripods. Solidly supports an impressive 35lbs (15.87kg). The GXP-SS only weighs .85lbs bearing a 40:1 load ratio. Large, easy to tighten, high torque lock knob is easy to tighten even with heavy winter gloves on. Open structure allows dirt and debris to fall through instead of getting trapped inside. New extra fine tension adjustment. The quick release clamp has deep side notches for more clearance with other manufacturers stop screws. The level on the quick release clamp is clearly visible even with your camera attached to the clamp. Our quick release clamp jaws are more pointed to be more compatible with some manufactures quick release plates with less pointed dovetails. The locking lever clamp has a safety zone so the first 25% of the levers motion will not allow your camera to release.